Thursday, January 31, 2008


Why I think I'm headed toward a BFP

1. On and off cramping since 7dpo
2. Yesterday, 9dpo, I saw blue veins in both breasts when I was trying on something at a store (bright lights and a mirror). I can't see them in my dim bathroom.
3. Today, 10dpo, I have some light spotting. The previous 3 times I used the suppositories, I didn't have any spotting until well after I stopped using them

Reasons Why I think I'm headed toward a BPN?

1. My breasts aren't tender or sore at all. They hurt more before ovulation.
2. I took a hpt this morning (10dpo) and it was negative. (I wasn't going to test until the weekend but I read some other blogs that show BFPs on 9 and 10 dpo so in a weak moment, I gave in. I'll try again tomorrow.

This 2ww is getting to be long in the tooth.


~Carrie said...

!!! Oh my goodness - I am getting excited for you! I think the blue veins and spotting are good signs.

I wouldn't worry about the lack of sore boobs ... people often get sore boobs when they aren't pregnant (like me!) and then people don't get them when they are. I think it is much rarer to get blue veins when you aren't heading for a BFP. And, because you usually don't get anything spot-wise until after you stop the progesterone, I would consider this change a good sign.

I know what you mean about seeing other people posting about BFPs on 8, 9, 10dpo... but 10dpo is still early. What kind of test was it? I know you mentioned ordering some from but wasn't sure if they had arrived yet.

Jennifer said... have some great symptoms (twinges/cramping, small spotting, and blue veins!). That's all great stuff to obsess over :)

I'm crossing my fingers/toes for a BFP really soon from you!!!

Swim said...

I hate the 2WW!! I noticed that you have 3 reasons for BFP and only 2 for BFN. You have more reasons to feel positive than negative.

10dpo is still very early to test so don't focus too much on it.

Fingers crossed for you.

Chris said...

You are right, the waiting absolutely sucks. Or blows. Or whatever you want to call it. Hang in there!

Claire said...

Still a bit early to POAS. I'm hoping not to do it at all as it drives me crazy. We'll see if I'm that strong!