Sunday, January 20, 2008

Whew my breasts hurt

Usually my breasts get tender once I start using progesteron.e in the 2WW. This is the first time they have been tender before I even had the IUI. For the past few days, they have felt heavy and very tender. Has anyone else has this before?

On another note, I took the trigger shot last night at 11 pm. I did a ganareli.x shot at 5 pm as well. I am glad to have taken the last shot for this cycle. 15 days of shots is just too much. The first few days, I could just jab those needles in my gut but as the days went on, I started to hesitate and dwell on each shot. I messed up one of my gona.l f shots and I have a big purple bruise right next to my belly button. I finally started putting them in my thigh. In some ways it is easier but it seems like the skin is thicker on the thigh. In the last few days, I iced the spot first so it was easier (mentally) to jab the needles in.

Anyway, I'm glad that's over. I am also glad that my doctor doesn't have me use PIO - I use the progesteron.e suppositories. I don't like them and I feel awful using them but at least it isn't a shot.

Tomorrow is the IUI. We are rested and prepared. Today we are going to watch the Chargers football game. I am not a fan but it is hard not to get caught up in the game. Even the staff at the RE's office were all wearing Charger shirts on Friday. I made the doctor swear to me that the reason my IUI was delayed until Monday was NOT the fact that there is a Charger game today at noon. She said absolutely not but that they were starting all of the procedures today at 7am so everyone could be out in time to watch the game.

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Meghan said...

Good luck tomorrow!