Saturday, January 26, 2008

Progersteron.e Dreams

First, yes, still in the 2 week wait. Not even half way through yet but I won't dwell on that. My beta test is a week from Monday (day after the Superb.owl).

Second, I've started having what I call progesteron.e dreams. They are so vivid. Last night I dreamed that while at the RE's office, (and for some reason I was sitting around their board room with all of the staff for some kind of meeting), I found that the mother of a childhood neighbor was pregnant and very soon to deliver. I was shocked. This woman is well over 70! Mrs. Tait pregnant now- what was she thinking? She already has grandchildren.

But then I thought, if this outfit can get her pregnant in her 70's, then they can surely get me pregnant at the tender age of 41. So, the overriding emotion (which I always pay attention to in dreams) was slightly hopeful and not just jealousy (though that was in there, too).

I look forward to more dreams. As long as they aren't the ones that make me cry in my sleep.


Jennifer said...

I had to re-read your post...I couldn't believe there's a 70-year old pregnant that even possible? Wouldn't she have gone thru menopause already?

I'm obviously baffled by that! However, like you said, if she can do it, so can you! I've got my fingers crossed for you - I have high hopes for your beta!!!

Egged Out said...

It was only a dream but there was a case in Europe where a 70 year old woman gave birth to twins! Not her eggs, obviously. Apparently she lied to the doctors and told them she was 55!

Claire said...

Dontcha just love medicated dreams? Good luck on your up coming beta!

~Carrie said...

Between all the hormones and everything that is on your mind during the frustrating 2ww, it’s almost impossible not to have vivid dreams!
I hope your 2ww is going ok. Are you going to test before your beta or hold out until next Mon?