Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Off to a so-so start

I went to the doc today for a scan and blood work. There were at least 7 follicles that were visible but they were still too small to measure. I was disappointed as I was hoping for a huge number (since I was told to try make 15! and I using the highest dose of gona.l f). The doc said that 7 was ok for now since it is still early and there may be more by Friday at my next appointment.

She said none of these were "committed" yet to growing full size and that we'll know more on Friday or perhaps on Monday.

So, I was hoping for some great news like "WOW! lok at all of those follicles!!" Alas, I never get that kind of news. If I can't crank up the follicles, this will not be an IVF cycle but IUI #6. Not too exciting.


Meghan said...

I'll be thinking lots of growing follicle thoughts for you!

Mrs. B said...

Oh I know how that feels. I remember when I was just doing the Clomid, I fully expected to go in and see all these follicles and I only had one and it wasn't anything to brag about. It sucked!

So I'll be thinking follicle thoughts for you too.

Swim said...

It's still early so don't give up hope. If all 7 start to grow, that is not bad at all. Quality is more important than quantity... according to my RE.

FYI - I got over supressed with BCP and only produced 2 follies. And without BCP I got 4 follies.

I hope you get good news on your next follie check.

Claire said...

Seven sounds like your lucky number! Anything over 4 is great! All you need is one good one, right? I'll be doing cartwheels if I get 7 this time around. Don't buy into the numbers game. It will just get you down.

Good luck!

Hekateris said...

Good luck on tomorrow's scan!

Jennifer said...

Good luck on your next scan...things sounds really good so far - 7 is a great number of follies, and your RE is's still so early!