Sunday, February 3, 2008

Six reasons why I think it's headed for a BFN

10dpo am - BFN
11dpo am - BFN
11dpo pm - BFN
12dpo am - BFN
12dpo pm - BFN
13dpo am - BFN

I didn't bother to test 13dpo pm. I can spot a trend when there is one.

I'm starting to regret that I bought those internet pee sticks. I normally buy then at RiteAid and they cost about $10 for 2. So, as a frugal person, I am very sparse with my pee stick use - waiting until 13 and 14 dpo only. With a stash of pee sticks, it's very hard to resist poas.

My blood test is tomorrow, which I will still do. Mainly so I can check in with the doctor and see about setting up an appointment to discuss a donor egg IVF cycle.

It's been a depressing weekend. We spent the night in a nice hotel and all I could think about was how much more fun it would have been it I had gotten a BFP. I was pretty sulky and not much fun. The superbowl was fun to watch, though.

Stay tuned for the donor egg drama.


~Carrie said...

This sucks - I am very sorry. This is so unfair!
I'm sorry about suggesting those cheapie pee sticks too. I know seeing all those ugly negative tests can really ruin a weekend.
Again, I'm so sorry.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I am so sorry about those bfn' would be wonderful if you still got that positive beta - so my fingers are crossed for you!

I sometimes use the dollar store hpt's...they seem good.

Good luck on the donor egg front!((hugs))