Monday, March 23, 2009


We are still plodding along. Sorry for the silence.

The adoption process is not like cycling - now 2 week bursts of activity, emotion, doctor visits, numbers to report, etc. There seems to be no pattern to the adoption process - things happen on their own time and I have no idea when the end date is.

As we are adopting through the county foster/adoption program, we need to become licensed foster parents. We attended the orientation 2 weeks ago and were surprised that they said we would have a home visit in 30 - 45 days from the foster licensing worker. You see, while we have cleaned out our guest room somewhat, it is no where near being a child's room. So, I spent the past weekend clearing everything out of that room (it was our ironing room, art room, storage room, and guest room). Steamed cleaned the carpet. So. Now we have an empty room. Still not a child's room.

Our next task is the scary one. Making it look like a child's room. We haven't been approved - yet to be approved, we have show that we are ready for a child or two. We need a crib. We need a changing table and dresser. It seems too real and too hopeful to acquire these items. I dread having a child-ready room sitting in our house months before we are even approved for adoption. I understand that they want us to be ready. I want to be ready. But I'd rather get ready after we were approved.

On the other hand, I get to shop for a child's room! I have no idea if we are talking about a boy or girl, a 6 month old or a 3.5 year old, one or two, etc. That makes it a big challenging. I'm going to try to borrow the big items from family members in case we don't need them.

Well, this is where we are. Still plodding along.