Friday, August 31, 2007

Good News: Both Ovaries at Full Strength

No cysts!

I saw the doctor this morning, cycle day 2, and it couldn't have gone better. No cysts, plenty of antral follicles, and everything looked good. She was excited about it. I haven't had this good of a start yet. Let's hope this 5th try is a charm!

I started tonight with 300 gona.l f and .10 hcg. I didn't mind the shots - getting to be like an old friend. Weird, but true. This is what I do half of the month: I give myself shots. And it's nice to know that there are lots of people out there, like you kind readers, who also give shots to yourselves and don't find it all that crazy or extreme - it's just part of who we are.

I had to go into the one pharmacy in town that has some fertility meds to get the hcg today (the rest of my stuff came through the mail) and while I was waiting, I noticed that most of the people coming in were getting fertility meds. I heard one woman insisting that she already had needles and then when my turn came to pick up the vial, they were scrambling trying to find the right needles but I insisted, too, that I had plenty of needles at home. Another part of my identity (and may be yours): I am someone who has plenty of needles at home.

I hope everyone is well. Have a great weekend and let's hope for a whole slew of BFPs in September - that would make for some June babies. How lovely that would be.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I was AWOL and I'm back

hi all, sorry for the long absence. I've been suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome and since I didn't have much to say anyway, I took a break.

But now it's cycle day 1 and I am back on the roller coaster ride. I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 7:30 am for a baseline scan and hopefully, the cyst is gone and I am ready to start a medicated IUI cycle. I've been having some strange trouble getting all of my meds here on time so it may be a bust for that reason but we'll see.

It was an interesting month off. My friend who offered her two embryos to us called and left a message saying that they had to make a decision about whether to keep their embryos on ice or not and did we think we would want them.

This was not the decision we were ready to make. These donated embryos were our last last last chance before adoption (which we are starting to look into). They were our far off option not our right now option. But here she wanted a decision. So, mh and I had a long talk.

I would like to use them. He would not. He feels that it would be weird since we know them to raise their child/ren. I agree, it would be weird, but it would be a chance for us to have some children from infancy. It is much cheaper than a donor egg. Plus we know the people and they are healthy and smart. Their other children are healthy and bright. But he is not comfortable with the idea so I had to gently turn down her offer.

Our last last last option is now off the table.

Now, back to the current option: medicated IUI. #5

Monday, August 13, 2007

I got nothing

and I mean nothing, to mention about my life of infertility. So, just passing the time, trying to exercise and enjoy not giving myself shots, and oh yeah, willing this cyst to go away. Actually, I'm not spending that much energy on the cyst. The first cyst consumed me and I swore I could feel it but this one, I am not paying no mind. It will go away and we will move on.

In the meanwhile, we registered with the County Adoption Agency and we can attend the first meeting/orientation to learn everything we need to know about adoption. Scary. Exciting. It seems that if you pursue adoption, you are likely to succeed. This is not the case with fertility treatments. Anyway, we are going to keep all options open. We want to be parents. We would prefer to be parents to our biological children but if that can't happen, we still want to be parents.

That's the news from today.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Out of Plimbo and onto the Bench

Cycle day 1 was yesterday. Went to the doc today expecting there to be something weird since it took so long for my cycle to start and last time this happened, things went awry.

I was right. The old cyst is gone but there is a new one. One of those 5 follicles from last time didn't want to go away. Must like my ovary. (Note to hanger on - get out of there sucka!)

So, I am benched for another month. Give my body time to get back on track for another cycle.

This is all getting old.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Is it called limbo*?

There's cd1 and an ultrasound.
Then, there's shots and shots and blood tests and more ultrasounds.
Then there's the IUI followed by what's called the 2 week wait and suppositories.
Then there's hpts followed by a blood test. (always negative in my case)
Then the order to stop the

Then it is supposed to be cycle day 1 again.

What do I do with this time which is post beta and pre cycle day 1? I took my last on Monday. Now it is Friday. AF hasn't showed yet. I'm in a weird limbo. Happy that I am not sticking needles in my gut but wanting to get the show on the road. Also, last time this happened, it took 10 days for cycle day 1 to arrive and then I had a cyst. I am really hoping the same thing is not happening this time.

The only good part of this late arriving cycle is that I am visiting friends this weekend and I won't have to bring my medication and store it in their fridge, etc. That's one bonus.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Thanks to Vee - I now know that apparently it's called Plimbo (Period Limbo). I really wish I had thought of that myself!