Friday, January 11, 2008

Still Slow but Steady

I went to the doc again today and the scan showed 6 measurable follicles. There were a few other little ones around, too, but only 6 that looked determined to go the distance. This is not horrible news for an IUI but for IVF, at my age, it doesn't look too good. They said that no decision will be made until Monday when I go back. I'll keep the same meds and add in ganarali.x tomorrow night ( to stop me from ovulating).

I'm getting comfortable with the idea that this might not be an IVF cycle. On the positive side, it will save me oodles of money and I can still try the IUI. On the negative side, I'd really like to know if the problem is that my eggs are for crap or what. Without doing IVF, I won't get to know and we'll just assume that I have old old eggs and then move on to something else. And we can use the $10,000 for that something else.

I'm anxious for Monday.


Mrs. B said...

Well, I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that Monday brings you much better news.

Swim said...

Good luck on Monday. Every clinic is different and every patient is different. Unfortunately the only way you will know the quality of your eggs is to go to retrieval.

I know how hard this is but try and stay positive. Six is still a good number of follies.

Best of luck and I'll keep checking back.

Meghan said...

Hoping some of those little ones are just late bloomers.

Good luck on Monday

JC said...

I don't understand - forgive me if I've missed something in your earlier posts, but why on earth would your RE not be pleased with 6 eggs at your age? Hardly anybody gets this many after 40. We're doing IVF and our RE would do backflips for 4. We'd go to retrieval at 3 or 2 even. After 40, you really don't put out that many eggs, even with the stims. I've never gotten more than 3. Ever. Have you ever seen this message board:

It has so much good stuff on it from women over 40 - I've learned a ton. If you haven't been over there, please stop by and read about the IVF experiences of these folks. They're like little ART dictionaries over there.

Again, if I'm missing something or uninformed as to your particular situation - please forgive me. I hope whatever you do works for you!

JC said...

Follicles... I mean follicles.... Eggs... geez. We should all be so lucky. Dur....

Egged Out said...

Hi JC,

The guess is that 80% or more of my eggs are not any good at this point (this is partly due to myage and partly from one of the blood tests I took that said I was at a more advanced maternal age than my actual age).

So the thinking is that the more follicles I can come up with the better chance that one or two eggs will actually be usuable. That's my understanding of the situation. If all 6 follicles have mature healthy eggs, that's fantastic but likely, most of them are not good. So they are trying to get the largest sample size possible.