Monday, January 21, 2008

The Deed is Done: 2WW Officially Underway

IUI #6 just happened. 45 million sperm are now searching frantically for those four eggs who had better release themselves and they should not be coy.

The IUI was uneventful - it is getting to be old hat. I don't really have high hopes but I would like to be pleasantly surprised.


Meghan said...

45 million to 4 sounds like pretty good odds! If only it was that simple!

Wishing you lots of luck this 2ww!

~Carrie said...

I hope this IUI is a success.. you did have a good number of follicles for an IUI.

ps - I was rooting for the Chargers too.

Mrs. B said...

I'm hoping to talk DH into at least 1 IUI cycle,. I really hope that yours works so that I can at least refer to one that did!!!

(Is that selfish of me??)

Jennifer said...

Sending baby dust your way!!! Good luck in the 2ww - we can obsess together :)