Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Where have I been?

I hate to report that there is still NOTHING going on. I thought I would be on my way by now but I'm not. I'm still waiting to sign the official paperwork from the attorney, which will be this Thursday and I haven't heard much from the REs office. Only that most of the bloodwork on the eggdonor was done and they were waiting for one more result to come in. That was early last week.

So, I'm twiddling my thumbs wondering when this all will start. I know once it does, it will go quick so I'm prepared for that, too. We haven't planned anything for this month since we don't know when anything will happen. I know I'll have a day or two of bedrest in there somewhere. I'm just trying to chill and keep up on my exercise and healthy eating.

As soon as I get the word go, I'll let you all know... I'm hopeful it will be in the next week or so.


I just got a message from the donor coordinator. It looks like things are pushed back a month. We will get things started when the egg donor starts her cycle which should be around the 20th of June. She'll go on the pill for a couple of weeks and I'll start Lupron. Egg retrieval should be mid July with embryo transfer 3 - 5 days after that. I'm a little disappointed. The plan to have everything said and done by the 4th of July is out the window. It gives me more time to prepare but frankly, I'm ready already. Oh well, I'll take advantage of this extra month to get my body ready. And I'll enjoy my time not being stressed out by the mother of all two week waits. The $30,000 two week wait....


Phoebe said...

Good to see you are back! I know a month may feel like forever, but it really isn't that much time. Yes, all the better to prepare your body AND mind! Hang in there!

Summer said...

Ugh!! That is extremely disappointing. Somebody needs to write a book with some good ideas for getting through all the waits during IVF.

Hang in there as best you can. And remember that we are here with you no matter how long the wait.

Jennifer said...

Sorry about the push back...but luckily summers tend to be pretty busy and the end of July will be here before you know it! GOOD LUCK!

Swim said...

Sorry to hear that you've been pushed back another month. The waiting is the worse part of IF.

Keep us posted with updates and the end of July will be here before you know it.

~Carrie said...

Sorry that things got pushed back a bit... you've had to wait long enough! I hope the time flies by in the meantime.