Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sneaky Hope

Last night, I dreamt I was pregnant. And not newly pregnant but 7 months pregnant and I was very calm and collected about it.

First time I've had a pregnant dream in ages.

I'm trying to keep her a little at bay but hope is sneaking into my subconscious.


Roni said...

You will get there. This is a wonderful way to be able to realize your dream, and one with great stats!

The dream is so normal, given where you are in your cycle, not to mention the lupron!

And I'm very hopeful that it is a good omen. :)

~Carrie said...

Glad to hear that everything is progressing and that your baseiline u/s went well. It's a lot to deal with all at one time - a cycle, the issues you mentioned with using a donor egg, the money... you sound like you are handling everything very well!

Mrs. B said...

LOL, I had a dream the other night about being PG too, only it wasn't me it was a g/f of me and DH's and she was calling to say she was pregnant with DH's baby. I woke up so mad at him I could've killed him. Thankfully it was just a dream. I hope yours, on the other hand, comes true very, very soon.