Friday, June 27, 2008

Didn't know how lucky I had it

We have done 6 IUIs over the past 18 months. My insurance paid for everything except about $500 - that includes meds, co-pays, and all appointments. My insurance is not paying for this donor egg cycle. So, we have to pay for the medication for the donor. She is getting the same stuff I have used -dilute hcg, hcg trigger, gona.l f, and ganarelix. I got the call from the pharmacy yesterday and the total is $2,200.

Wow. That made me very appreciative of my insurance. We may have made different decisions along the way if we had to pay the full price for the meds . I guess the outcome wouldn't have been any different but it would have been harder to decide to do each IUI if the meds alone would have cost 2 grand. I know a lot of you have had to pay that cost on your own all along. That must have complicated each decision.

So, I'm sitting here feeling grateful.

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Rebeccah said...

Yup, it's highway robbery, taking that much money from desperate folks ... and it does complicate the decision each time. So excited for you that this cycle is under way!