Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Now we are getting down to business


I went in for a baseline ultrasound - seems like forever since I've had one of those. I have to have another sonohystogram (saline water test). This will be my third one. I guess they don't like to put embryos in unless they know the uterus is up to snuff. I had the surgery to remove the fibroid tumor in November but I haven't had one since and who knows what could have popped up in that time.

I'll start lupro.n on Monday and then two weeks later, the donor starts her meds and then we are off to the races.

I am feeling so emotionally ready for this. In the beginning stages, I was worrying about the child's feeling about being an egg donor child and along with that, I was really worried about the money (it's a helluva lot of money) but now I am at peace with it all. I guess it was good that things took a little longer than we expected. It made me ready. In all ways.

So, assuming everything goes well, embryo transfer will be the last week of July.

The chances are better than anything else I've tried so I'm hopeful. DH is really hopeful (probably too hopeful but when I try to tell him that it still may not work, it doesn't seem to register). He is planning on this working. I wish I had that confidence but I'm too wary for that. The first IUI's BFN blindsided me. I won't let that happen to me again.

Anyway, that's negative talk. The time is now. Get ready for the ride!!

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Summer said...

Finally is right! I'm so excited your cycle has started!