Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shots in the belly, my old friend

Monday night I gave myself my first shot in the belly since January! I've been on the bench for a long time waiting for this donor egg thing to get rolling. I guess we could have fit in an IUI or two during that time.

Here's my protocol, for those interested:

2 weeks of 20 units of Lupron

Then I start estrace (tablet taken orally) twice daily + a baby aspirin and decrease lupron to 10 units a day. This will go for about two weeks

Just after the egg retrieval, I'll start taking progesterone and continue with estrace and baby aspirin

Just before the 5 day transfer, I'll add a 5 day antibiotic to the mix.

This is much easier than my injectible IUI protocol. They only have to prepare my lining and I do not have to generate loads of follicles. I'll have two ultrasound/bloodwork appointments to make sure everything is on schedule and then the transfer.

Again, WOO HOO!


Meghan said...

yeah....glad the ball is rolling! Good luck with everything

Roni said...

Congrats on moving forward! I'm very hopeful for you.

Summer said...

Yay for the start of this cycle!