Sunday, June 29, 2008

We're going out of town for a week to get some rest and relaxation. I am going chill out, read, sleep, and basically get ready for the excitement of the donor egg cycle.

The shots are going well. Lupron is easy and I haven't noticed any side effects. I feel a little bloated but that may be because I'm having my first period after 7 weeks on birth control. I'm glad to get off that.

Happy 4th of July everyone.


The Parents Via Egg Donation Blog said...

Just drink lots of water -- 96 ounces a day:)

Check out MVED, there's tons of support there:)

We are all cheering for you on the sidelines!

Enjoy your holiday!

Jennifer said...

Have a great time away - you deserve it. I'm glad to hear you're doing great on the Lupron - that stuff never did well in my body - always gave me lots of s/e that I hated! Happy 4th.

Summer said...

Have a fun, relaxing trip!

Wordgirl said...

Hi, I've been away and just checking back in -- I hope your holiday is restful and rejuvenating!