Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pre-Op Complete - Next Stop: Surgery

Sorry I've been away. It's been a complicated time here in San Diego but things are back to normal now (for me).

During the fires last week, I forgot about my upcoming surgery which was worrying me. I woke up yesterday and realized that it is next week and I immediately starting worrying again. I know it isn't a big deal and I've talked to many people who have been through it but I can't help but worry. It's not every day that I am put unconscious. I've only had that done once before when I had my wisdom teeth about 25 years ago.

I went in for the pre-op today which was mostly taking vitals such as blood pressure, blood, pulse, etc. I had a nice talk with the doctor who explained the procedure and it seems I am all set for next week. I will have the surgery on Tuesday morning.

I mentioned in my last post that AF arrived on CD 22. I don't know what that is about but like all my problems, I blame the medications. 22 days?!? That's short even for me who usually has a 26 day cycle. I may take next month off as well so I can see if my body gets back on track. I don't think a short cycle is a good sign that all is well. If we are going to try for IVF, I want all of the conditions to be perfect. Or at least as perfect as possible for me.


Chris said...

I'm so glad you are unaffected by the fires, other than inconvenienced, which really, is far better than the alternative. I'm glad that you aren't worrying too much about your upcoming surgery. I know how you feel though, I was in the same boat and from this side of it I can tell you it was a piece of cake! IVF is very much a head game and you have to be feeling your best and most positive, so wait until it is best for you. Oh, and I may be heading that way again in January . . .

CAM said...

Good luck with the surgery. I'll be checking back to see how you are. Keep positive and calm!

Swim said...

Good luck with the surgery. I've had the same surgery and it is not bad at all. The polyp you have can make your cycles very very short. Right before my surgery, mine were down to 22-23 days average and lots of cramps. They are now a bit more reasonable around 26 days (I also have LFD) with O around day 10-12. Try and see the glass half full, your AF will be lighter and most likely less painful after the surgery.

The worse part of the surgery is the catheter, your first pee will be uncomfortable.

Best wishes.