Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Went to the Doctor and the Doctor Said...

I had a great conversation with my doctor. She spent 50 minutes with me discussing my situation and going over my options. She was really nice and really thoughtful. I so appreciate her.

Here's the facts:

- She will only do 3 more medicated IUIs on me and then I am cut off.

- IUI and IVF probably have about the same chance at this point but we will learn more about my eggs with IVF. She is willing to boost my meds and see if I can create at least 10 eggs and if that happens, we can convert to IVF and take a look at those eggs. If there are not 10 eggs, she won't do an egg retrieval.

- Donor Egg is a good option though I can wait to make my decision about that - she says I have until age 47 for the donor egg option. Donor egg will cost about $25,000!!! Jeez, that changes my excitement about donor egg a bit.

- They have two donated embryos that she offered. It will cost about $3,000 to put them in but obviously, they won't be related to me or mh.

- She feels if I went to donor egg at this point (and skipped IVF on my own eggs) I could still feel that I gave it a thorough try.

- She also wants me to do one more sonohystogram next week because there is something very small on my uterus that keeps showing up on the ultrasounds and she wants to take a look at before we try anything else.

That's where I am. I feel like I am in good hands. I don't know about $25,000 for a donor egg. It does have about a 80% chance but it could still be money down the drain. Holy crap that's a lot of dough. I had somehow gotten to accept the idea of $15,000 but $25,000 seems like a whole lot more money. Maybe I should look at it this way: I borrowed $20,000 to go to grad school and I am about to pay that off and we just borrowed a smiliar amount to buy a car so what's another $25,000????? Is that a good way to look at this?

That's the update. I'll talk with dh this evening and let you know what we decide.


Chris said...

What a great visit with your doctor. I'm so glad you were able to get some really good specific information for you. And yes, it is so much to think about, and like you have said before, the costs, both financial and emotional, just continue to escalate. And it just really stinks having to consider finances along with everything else. We had no debt before infertility, but decided given my age we have more time to pay it off than we do to save it up.

Good luck with the decision making. I'll be thinking of you!

Helene said...
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Helene said...

Those dollar sighs are always frightening but if you have the resources to do it, go for it! Better that than regretting the roads not taken later. Still, better to have choices than not...

All the best...

Kristen said...

Wow, I had no idea that donor eggs were that pricey. But 80% is great odds.

Good luck with your decision. It is such a hard one but I hope that whatever path you choose leads you to motherhood. XOXO