Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wednesday Appointments

On Wednesday, I have two fertility related appointments.

1. Sonohystogram AKA the water test. I have had this test done before, in March 07 and everything was fine. But in some of my ultrasounds lately, they have noticed a little something (or maybe a little nothing - they aren't sure) in my uterus. They haven't been concerned for IUI as it shouldn't impede implantation, etc. But as we look towards IVF, the doc said that they want to make sure my uterus is in tip-top condition before they place an embryo in there. So, I am going to have the water test. I am scared. Not of test - I've done it before and it's not bad (easier than the hsg, mostly because those performing the test know their way around women's parts). I'm scared of the results. What if there is something there? Does that mean some kind of procedure to remove it? Does that mean I can't do IVF? I really want there to be nothing (naturally, that shouldn't surprise anyone) and be able to proceed with IVF in the next cycle. I guess I will have to wait. The good news is that I will get the results right away.

2. Acupuncture! I made an appointment and I am proud of myself for doing so. It has been recommended by so many and I have told myself that one day I will do it but I never got off my butt to research a place and make an appointment. So finally I did it. I go right after the water test. I think I put it off as it is hard to imagine scheduling one more dr appointment in the mix of all the other appointment. But with IVF looming, it was now or never. If acupuncture can help me create a few extra follicles, it will be worth it.

So, Wednesday is a big day. In the meanwhile, I am trying to eat right and exercise and generally get my body and mind in shape for what's to come.


Chris said...

I had the water sonogram done this past March too. A small, pea sized polyp was found. So, we were waiting for my period to start so that I could have my gyn/ob do a "scope" and possible d&c to remove it. However, my period never came as that was when I conceived naturally. As it turns out, the polyp was removed during the d&c from my miscarriage. My most recent water sonogram (in August) showed everything was clear. Now I'm rambling, my point being, even if something is found it will only delay you by one cycle while you wait to have it scoped and removed. So, no worries!

Mrs. B said...

Gee, Wednesday is just full of comings and goings. I hope that you have wonderful news on Wed.

I wonder if the water sonogram is anything like the HSG? Mine was not painful but that was the test that revealed the blocked tubes. I am beginning to mistrust any test at an RE or OBGYN's. But i hope that they don't see anything wrong and you get to go enjoy your wonderful acupuncture.