Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Just what I was not hoping for: the sonohysterogram showed a polyp or something is in my uterus. Boo. The sonohysterogram wasn't bad - I was anxious about it all day - first time I have been nervous going to the RE in a long time. I had it done in February so I knew what to expect. If anything, this one went smoother. The doctor took about 12 photos as she honed in on the offending polyp. Said it could be a skin flap or a fibrous cyst. They won't know for sure until they go in. They will have it biopsied but she said these things are almost always benign. She said that it may or may not have impeded pregnancy and it wouldn't necessarily improve my chances for a bfp. It's just that they won't do ivf with it in there - they need the uterus to be in tip top shape when they put the embryos back in.

Probably I'll have the surgery in early November. It will be hysteroscopy - something like a D&C but they'll use a little tiny camera so they'll know exactly what to remove. It doesn't sound like complicated surgery but I will be put under for it and won't feel a thing. The doctor said that there are rarely any complications from the surgery and I can resume my normal activities the next day.

Easy surgery or not, I did not want this news. Ugh. It's always something. I will have the surgery in early November and then will hopefully, start the IVF cycle in December. She offered to put me on birth control pills and then I could start the IVF cycle a week after the surgery but that would put the egg retrieval and transfer some time around Thanksgiving and frankly, I'd rather enjoy the holiday fully and not be worried about the timing of everything. We are planning to drive to dh's sister's for thanksgiving so it would be nice to be able to put that in ink.

I know I'm getting older and should try to do everything as soon as possible but what would be nicer than a stress free Thanksgiving and then a bfp for Christmas?

I'm trying to look on the positive side of this:
- This polyp would have had to be removed at some point anyway so might as well get it over with.
- it I did get pregnant, it could cause a miscarriage if the implantation was near to the polyp
- I have two cycles to get my body in great shape for ivf.

I also went to acupuncture today which was interesting; I'll write about that separately.


Meghan said...

Sorry to hear you'll need surgery but those positives at the bottom sound good! Good luck with everything

Chris said...

So sorry to read about your polyp. I know the disappointment you feel. This exact thing happened to me in March, except I wasn't able to have it removed due to, well, you know what happened. So now take the extra time to get yourself as prepared as possible both physically and emotionally. Acupuncture will also have time to kick in and give you additional benefits before you cycle.

jeanie said...

I'm sorry about the polyp. Maybe it was interfering though, so perhaps it's removal will significantly increase your odds.
I know this is disappointing, but I wanted to comment on how well you seem to handle all of this. You seem so patient and reasonable, even in the face of disappointing news. I find that very admirable. Best of luck with the surgery!