Sunday, November 4, 2007

Q & A

The question is: will this surgery to remove whatever it is growing in my uterus improve my chances of getting pregnant?

The answer is: no one knows. The doc won't go on record saying that this is what has prevented me from getting pregant. If it's all about the eggs, it doesn't matter what is or isn't growing in my uterus.

DH is convinced this will improve our chances. My sister-in-law got pregnant after having something (albeit, something different) removed from her uterus - so there is precedent.

For the record, my official opinion on the subject is that removing whatever it is will absolutely improve my chances. (Since no one know for sure, I'll take the most optimistic side)(No reason to be negative about the whole thing).

I'm not proud - I'll take hope from where ever I can get it.


CAM said...

I think it can't hurt your chances. It is not healthy whatever is it stands to reason that your body will be healthier with it gone. Stay positive.

Mrs. B said...

Well let's just hope that since you are taking something bad out, something good must replace it! I have my fingers crossed that this is exactly what you need!

Kristen said...

I don't think it can hurt your chances either. At least if you have a good egg and it gets fertilized, it will have a nice cushy place to implant without worrying about a "growth".

I hope this is an answer for you :)