Wednesday, October 17, 2007


These past two days I was in San Francisco for a work meeting and I stayed with one of my brothers. I haven't told any of my siblings about our fertility treatment - only my mom knows. I don't know why - I guess I don't want a lot of people asking about how it is going when it is obviously not going so well.

I have a few people that I have to update each cycle (some close friends, my mom) and of course, you out there, but I try to minimize the number of people I have to report to. Maybe if I had good news once in a while, I wouldn't feel it necessary to protect myself like this. But when I share, for example, that I have 8 follicles and I'm really excited, frankly, to the uninitiated, it takes a whole lot of explaining and in the end, 8 follicles is a nice intermediary step, but if there isn't a pregnancy from one of those 8, it's not really all that great of news, is it?

Anyway, my brother was discussing the idea of he and his wife having another child and we got to talking about children and I opened up to him. I didn't tell him all of the grusome details and but I let him know that we have been having treatments for 10 months now and I told him about my upcoming surgery.

He then told me that he and his wife tried for about 6 months to get pregnant and then went to a doctor and found that she had fybroid cysts in her uterous. She had surgery (more extensive than what I will have) and they removed them. Shortly after that, she became pregnant. Of course this just fueled the flames of hope for me. My doctor doesn't think I have fybroid cysts but she won't know for sure until she goes in there.

Maybe when my ute is all cleaned out, I'll have a better chance. Not a great chance but a better chance. I'll take it.


Meghan said...

I'm glad telling your brother went well and he was sympathetic. I'm in the process of starting to tell people and it's scary.

Good luck with your surgery. I hope all it needs is a little house cleaning for a little one to find it warm and cozy!

CAM said...

Didn't it feel good to open up to someone? Sometimes it is just so refreshing...but I understand what you mean about having less people to report to.
Fingers crossed for a good surgery.

Mrs. B said...

Any chance is better than no chance! I am hoping for excellent results for you from your surgery.

And thanks for being so kind and sweet to me this month, stopping by my blog and offering me your encouragement. This has been a really sucky month but it is friends like you that make it bearable.

Swim said...

Glad you were able to talk to your brother. I find it very hard to open up and have only told my sister and a few close girl friends.

Good luck with the surgery, I had 2 polyps removed and it has made my AF so much lighter and less painful. Think of it as spring cleaning.