Friday, September 7, 2007

IUI Scheduled for Monday

5 big follicles, 3 little ones - maybe they will catch up but at least there are five good ones. The IUI is scheduled for Monday afternoon which means I have to give myself the trigger shot at 3 am on Sunday - yikes, I hope I don't sleep through that one.

The vibes are good for this cycle though I wish I could control my hopes during the 2ww. I try to be calm but hope gets the best of me the further along the cycle goes and always ends in disappointment.

At this point, I can say, "well, it probably will be a BFN but that's ok, I can try again or explore other options. At least I tried"

But two weeks from now, I won't be that practical. I'll be saying, "please please please please be positive. I've already checked out the potential due date. I've already figured out how I will tell my husband. I can't wait to tell my mom. Please please please be positive!"

That's a vulnerable place to be.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.


CAM said...

LOVE the new look to your blog!! Great egg timer.
I understand what you mean about that frightening positive place that you get into during the 2ww. But, I feel like it is always better for your body to be positive than negative. It has to be healthier.
What do we have if don't have our dreams....
So, you go ahead and plan that due date and prepare on how to tell your family. Its so exciting.

Heather said...

Good luck on this cycle!! I will be sending you good thoughts! :)

~Carrie said...

I hope everything goes well today.
I know what you mean about feeling positive, then not... I go back and forth daily... I really hope this cycle is 'the one' for you.