Monday, July 16, 2007

Where's the Romance?

Evolution of the IUI

The First IUI we had in January was as romantic as possible considering the circumstances: me, my husband, the doctor and the sperm filled catheter in an examination room. Mh and I went together in the morning and I waited while he went to the room to produce his sample. Then we waited nervously together in the waiting room until we were called to go in for the IUI. We held hands during the procedure and then stayed together in the room for 30 minutes, talking and resting. Then we went to a very nice lunch at a fancy restaurant, talking about our soon to be conceived child. We went home for the rest of the day and rested, cuddled, and hoped.

The Second IUI wasn't all that different though we didn't go to as fancy of a lunch. And in between the sample giving and the procedure we went to Trader Jo.e's to get some things we needed.

The Third IUI: Mh went down on his own in the early morning and then he came back to the house and when it was time, we drove in separate cars to the clinic. We went in together for the procedure, chatting pleasantly the whole time with the PA. We waited about 15 minutes and then went to lunch at a fast food Mexican restaurant. And then I went to work. I had a big project that I couldn't get out of.

The Fourth IUI (today): Mh went down early on his own, gave his sample, and then drove directly to his meeting which was two hours away. I went to work in the morning as usual and then snuck out at 11:00 am for the 11:30 IUI. I rested for 10 minutes, ate a peanut butter sandwich in the car, and then was back in the office by 12:30 - no one suspected anything. Is this what you call a quickie? We are having some frozen yogurt tonight to celebrate.

Anyway, the IUI seemed to go well. I start the progesterone on Wednesday and go in for the pregnancy test on the 30th.

Time for the 2 week wait.


Mrs. B said...

Hoping, praying, wishing for you!

Chris said...

I enjoyed reading about the progression of your IUIs. It's so funny though, as ours were the opposite! For our first one Brian went alone to make his donation then he went to work. I followed 90 minutes later (with my mom in tow) and afterwards we went out with my mom's cousin. For the 2nd IUI Brian and I went together, though he waited in the waiting room during the actual procedure. Then we had lunch and went home to rest. For the 3rd one Brian was in the room for the procedure and we had many laughs with the doctor and nurse. Then we went out to breakfast, and home to rest. I'm sending lots of prayers your way for this IUI!

K said...

Hoping the 4th time is the charm for you!!!!

In and Out of Luck said...

I told my husband, when we went separately to the clinic: "if this works, we can joke to people that we weren't even in the same room when this child was conceived! and then watch their reactions." He didn't think it was that funny, but I did.

In and Out of Luck said...

Oops. I hit return before writing "good luck," which is what I meant to write! Good luck!