Friday, July 6, 2007

New Doctor New Plan

I went to the doctor yesterday. Seems like forever since I have been there. My doctor has left the practice to move back to his home state so I got a new doctor (there are only two at this practice). The new doctor was very nice and was disappointed in how things have gone for me over the past 7.5 months (I've only had 3 IUI) and she wants to get a handle on my situation. For that, I am extremely grateful.

My cyst is still there a little. So in addition to not helping me get pregnant, the dirt didn't really work on the cyst end of things either. But it is not producing estrogen so she thought it was ok to proceed since my other ovary was "pretty" (I swear, that's what she said). Many antral follicles and everything looked good.

She gave me two options:

-Start stimming tonight 300 gona.l f and then have an IUI when the time comes
-skip this cycle, come in in 2 weeks and then she would put me on estrogen, and then on the first day of my next cycle, stim at 450 gona.l f which is the max, and see how I do. If I have a lot of follicles, she will convert me to IVF. If not, we'll do an IUI again.

Mostly for $ reasons but also I want to see how I react to the drugs one more time before I bump up to 450, mh and I decided to go with the 300/IUI option. We can try the higher dosage next time if we want.

I have only actually done one full cycle of medicated IUI and the results were just fair so I want to see what happens this time with a slightly higher dose.

So, last night I was back at the shots. I don't like doing them and I had trouble falling asleep again. I need to get back on my swimming routine so I am exhausted by the end of the day.

That's the current news. I'll go back on Monday for another scan and bloodtest.

I hope everyone is well.


Anonymous said...

Yuck, I don't envy you with the shots. I hate giving myself shots. Are you having to do them everyday or only on certain cycle days? Good luck!

CAM said...

I like the idea of higher doses! Bring on the follies. Hope this new doc will be a new beginning for you. :)

Karen said...

Good luck with this cycle!

Chris said...

It's always so good to have a plan! I'm wishing you the best with this cycle. Good luck with the higher doses!