Wednesday, July 11, 2007

5 is the Magic Number

I have five nice sized follicles - all around the same size. This is great news - the last attempts I always had one lead follicle and it was hard (if not impossbible) for the others to catch up. All five were in one ovary - the other ovary has nothing going on.

I'll go back on Friday and hopefully have the IUI on Sunday or Monday. I will keep taking ganareli.x to stop me from ovulating along with the other two meds (gona.l f and hcg). 3 shots a day is a pain but well worth it if it works.

Yeah! So far, this cycle is going well.


Chris said...

Congratulations! You are growing follies quite nicely! I will continue to send good thoughts and prayers your way.

Karen said...


(Just FYI, in an IUI cycle, having one lead follicle is NOT a bad sign... it's a GOOD thing. The number one reason for cancelling IUI cycles is having too many dominant follicles. It's always frustrating as a patient, but medically, it's not a bad sign and doesn't say anything about how you would respond on an IVF protocol as your next post indicates you were once concerned)