Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I don't think the dirt did its job

I'm back from vacation and it feels like af is about to arrive. I rubbed the dirt on my gut but perhaps it only works for cysts. But I'll try it again this month with the medication. I have my meds ready and as soon as af shows her face, I'll visit the Doc and hopefully, there will be no sign of the cyst and we can start another medicated IUI cycle.

Am I looking forward to it? No. Am I hopeful? No. Can I think of anything else to do to bring about a child in this household? No, not at this moment. If this one goes through, this will be the 4th IUI attempt. The fourth time isn't the charm but maybe it's the ... well, I can't think of anything. Maybe the fourth time is likely chance of success???

Anyway, I am feeling a bit melancholy. I am getting tired of all of this waiting around for something to happen.


Chris said...

Darn dirty dirt! And I hear you about the waiting around. I'm so tired of it too! I wish I had an answer for you, other than to just keep plugging along. I'm on day 27 and temps are still up, but I have no symptoms of either pregnancy or aunt flo. Maddening!

Zee said...

Here's hoping the dirt works--if not this time, the next time (or the time after.) At any rate, SOON!

I hope you had a great time on vacation. Glad you're back safely!

Anonymous said...

How was vacation??

I am tired too, sometimes I feel as though the whole ttc is consuming me whole...

Glad you are back though