Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dirt vs. Western Medicine

First, the dirt on the dirt: I was wrong - the dirt wasn't from Guatemala - it is from New Mexico. It is from the Santuario de Chimay.o and it is called Blessed Dirt. Supposedly, two women who were having trouble getting pregnant rubbed this very dirt on their guts, said a little prayer, and the next cycle, you guessed it, they were pregnant. I have not had such luck though I did credit the dirt with eliminating (or greatly reducing) a cyst. I did try it again this month but as I am only on cd 8, I don't know if it worked... yet. If it does work, I'll send samples out to all who request it. It's easier than mailing needles through the mail.

Back to Western Medicine, I went to the doctor yesterday. I have 3 nice follicles on one side and I'm not sure what I have on the other side but no one seems worried so I'm not either.

I started ganarelli.x yesterday morning to stop me from ovulating early. Ganarelli.x really hurts going in and then it stings for about 30 minutes afterwards -has anyone else had that problem? I'm glad to give it to myself in the morning rather than in the evening with the other two shots. I will potentially have the IUI on Friday (which would be cd 11) but we'll know for sure on Wednesday when I go in for another appointment.

I am not hopeful for this cycle but I am a lot calmer and maybe that will help the cause. Last time I did an injectible cycle, I was really stressed out. I dreaded the shots everyday. This time, I haven't been a very good shot giver and I have bruises all over my stomach.

That's the update for now.


Chris said...

At least you can take comfort in the fact that you are moving forward and at least doing something. I never had to take anything to stop from ovulating, so I can't help you there. And rather than bruises, I had big giant welts from the injections. Oh the things we will do!

Egged Out said...

No kidding. I was the high school student who was afraid to prick my finger to test my blood type. I have a hard time swallowing pills (I always get chewable ones when I can). I never thought I would be able to give myself shots. Here I am, as mh says, taking one for the team.

K said...

Here's hoping the dirt does the trick this cycle! (and if it does, i for one will send you a pre-stamped envelope in order to share in the madness!!!!)