Saturday, April 5, 2008

Finally, some news (sort of)

I've been patiently waiting to hear about the egg donor and whether or not she will agree to do a cycle with us in the near future. The longer I wait, the more I've been losing momentum on the whole idea. It's hard to believe that this will actually happen and even harder to believe that I will get pregnant from it.

But back to the egg donor. We've been waiting for the RE to ask her. She is doing a cycle for someone right now and they didn't want to ask her about the next cycle until she had gone through ER. She is going through ER this weekend. They will call me next week and tell me her answer. Now I am getting excited again.

Unless she says no. If she says no, I think we will throw out our list of what we want from an egg donor and just pick some one who is available right away. I don't want to wait too long to get this going. While I was away from blogland, I turned 42. Boo. If possible, it would be nice to have a baby before I turn 43. Fat chance, I'm sure, but 42 seems so much younger than 43 (early 40s rather than mid 40s).

So cross your fingers that she says yes and that we can get this show on the road!


jeanie said...

My fingers are crossed! I hope you don't have to wait much longer-- I really do think a baby before 43 is completely realistic as long as they can get all this together quickly w/ the donor. Good luck!

Waiting said...

My fingers are crossed, too! Great to hear from you again.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday and good luck as you wait for the news from your potential egg donor! I hope she says YES!!!!

Rebeccah said...

Happy belated birthday! Don't worry about turning 42 ... I'm staring 43 in the eyes right now (birthday in a few months) and she's not as ugly as they make her out to be.

Holding my breath and sending positive energy about your donor!

Swim said...

Happy belated birthday! 43 is still early 40s.. at least in my world.

I want so much for you to have a baby this year. Fingers crossed for the egg donor to say yes.