Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not too much going on

We are waiting for the RE to ask the egg donor we selected if she is available for us. The egg donor is doing a cycle right now for someone else. We don't know if she will want to do it again so soon. She has two small children and she lives out of town so it is a bit of a hassle for her. We are really hoping that she wants to do it again.

I expect to hear something this week. I am really trying to be patient. If the donor agrees, we'll cycle in late May or late June. Not too far away, really.

I have told another close friend about our egg donor decision. She was really supportive. I just can't bring myself to tell my mom. I'm not 100% sure of her reaction so I've been delaying. We saw her at Easter but there were a bunch of people so we didn't have a chance anyway. I'd like to tell her in person rather than over the phone. I guess it can wait since we don't even have the donor confirmed yet.

That's the update. Nothing too exciting at this point.


Waiting said...

Great to hear from you. I hope you get good news from your donor.

Rebeccah said...

Waiting is so difficult! We're in exactly the same place now, btw. Hoping you have good news soon.

Jennifer said...

I hope she's willing to do a 2nd round!