Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not your ordinary 2WW (2MW?)

I finally talked to the Egg Donor Coordinator at my REs office. These past weeks of waiting have really tried my patience. And DH was losing it, too. We struggled with this decision, agreed to spend $30,000 on the process, chose a donor, and since then, we have been on hold. We've been waiting to find out if the donor will agree to do it.

We really want this donor and I see that that was our big mistake - we literally put all our eggs in one basket. If we had chosen 2 or 3, they could have asked all of them and the one who was ready soonest would be our gal. But no, we had to pick the one that was just about to cycle for someone else and thus they wouldn't ask her to do it again until she finished this cycle.

Well, she had the egg retrieval on Saturday. (Somehow I thought she had it last week so that explains why I was eager for them to call and tell me what was up.) The good news? She donated 20 eggs!! Wow! I was medicated to the gills and could only come up with sorta 8 (since most were crap probably anyway).

They asked her if she would be willing to cycle again and she said YES. Yes, that's good news. But, she didn't know when she would want to do it again. That's the bad news. I don't blame her. If I just came up with 20 eggs for someone else and had to leave my two kids at home for a week (since she is out of the area), I might like to think about that, too.

I, however, am feeling a big in a rush. I am ready to give this a try. Our last IUI was in January. That's seems like forever ago. We could have done another cycle during this time. Not that I want to - I'm just starting to feel like my body is getting back to its old (well not that old) self again.

So, I told the Egg Donor Coordinator that we would be willing to wait for her until July or August but if she didn't think she could do it by then, we'd come in and pick someone else (or a couple of someone elses).

So, that's where things are. If she says she will do it in August, I will be happy to wait until August. If she says she won't do it, then I'll be happy to move on. I guess, like most things, I just want to know.


Rebeccah said...

So exciting! And then so incredibly frustrating at the same time! It's really hard -- we understand so well what they're going through and yet we want so badly to get on with our own cycles ... We're out of control of our own lives in this process and that to me is one of the most difficult parts about it.

CAM said...

This whole ordeal is all about the waiting. I am hoping for you that August is a go!