Wednesday, November 14, 2007

IVF - here we come?

I went to the doctor yesterday for my post-op appointment. She showed me some very bizarre (interesting?) photos of the inside of my uterus. She had showed them to my husband the day of the surgery (I was still out of it) and all he said was that it looked like a balloon with some discoloration in parts of it. Well, he's color blind and it's not his uterus so I figured when I got to the see the photos, I would have more to say about it. But frankly, it looked something like a balloon and there was some parts that were discolored and the good doctor eliminated the parts that were discolored. That's the simplest (and only) description I can give you.

It was a fibroid tumor.

Oh, and the cells were all benign. Phew.

I'm so glad it is over and in the past. Now, the future:

Our current plan is to start with an IUI that will hopefully convert to IVF - assuming I can come up with enough eggs (the doctor would like to see 15.)(15!) As soon as I start CD 1, which should be this weekend, I'm to call them and then I will go on birth control pills for 2 weeks. After that, we'll do an Micro Flare (I don't know what that is but I'll let you know as soon as I find out) for 2 days and then it is a little like the regular medicated IUI's I've been doing. I'll do 450 of gona.l f which is the maximum.

If I don't come up with enough follicles, we'll do another iui and if I do come up with enough, we'll do an egg retrieval, isci, and you know the rest. And that will cost us about $10,000. The money scares me a bit. I know I've gotten off easy with the past 5 IUIs because we've only had to pay about $500 each one. Now, it's really going to hurt financially.

Also, I think it may hurt emotionally, too. This is our last chance with my eggs. If we convert to IVF and it doesn't work, it's back to the drawing board. If we aren't able to convert to IVF, then we know we will never do IVF. And the doctor is soon to cut me off of IUIs. So, we are going to put our resources to this effort. If we don't do it, we may have a lifetime of regret and if we do it, we just might (pray for us) wind up with a baby.

That's the news for tonight. I hope all are well.

Take Care,



Mrs. B said...

Well, I just hope that all you need is just this one month of IUI/IVF and that by next month you will be PG!

Also I don't know what Micro Flare is either, but it sounds kinda cool!

Meghan said...

Glad all of the cells were benign.

Good luck with the IVF. I'm thinking good thoughts for you

CAM said...

Wow, it all sounds great. I've never heard of the flare thing...thats a new one you'll have to keep us posted. As far as the cost..? Is some of that medication costs? If it is - maybe I can help...
email me

Swim said...

Micro flare? Never heard of it either.. but you know I'm going to research it now!

Finger crossed for you starting a good cycle.