Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Let It Flow

Finally! Cycle day one arrived yesterday! I am so relieved. I go to the doc today for an u/s and hopefully will start the meds tomorrow evening. We've decided this is our last IUI and then we will go for IVF. I am going to talk to the doc about that today. At our first consultation he said he thought I was a good candidate for IVF based on my age, etc but now that he knows how I respond to the meds, he may have a different idea. In some ways I'm afraid of IVF as it is the last option. If it doesn't work once and maybe twice, at that point, we'll give up on the bio baby idea. I'm open to a donor egg though that seems very complicated (though probably not as complicated as adoption). And then here is the $ to consider. My insurance doesn't cover IVF so this will be out of pocket.

Anyway, first things first, today I am going to have the ultrasound and see how many antral follicles are ready for the next round. I'll try to worry about the rest of that stuff in a month...

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