Friday, April 27, 2007

I've been benched

I went to the doc for an ultrasound to see what is going on with my ovaries. There was, like two days ago, one giant one and a few very small ones. No way the small ones are going to catch up in time. I should ovulate within five days. And I'm only on cycle day 4. They suggested I save the medicine and take the month off.

Frankly, I'm pleased with this plan. I want to keep moving foward but this has been a bizarre cycle so far and I'd like to start with a clean slate, body willing. The way my body is acting is a sign of aging but I think the drugs are partly to blame. I'd like to try to get back to normal and then try again.

I'll go back to the doc on cycle day one which should be in 19 days. That's a pretty short cycle. Meanwhile, we can try on our own. It's funny that it seems like he is giving us permission to try on our own. Like, oh, we never would of thought of that. Though, actually, there's a part of me that doesn't want to try so I can be worry free the rest of the cycle - not wondering/hoping that maybe, just maybe, we got pregnant on our own... and then anxiously waiting for the results. I'd like to be stress free and then have a good next cycle.


Zee said...

Hi! Welcome to Blogworld! I found you on the Stirrup Queens' web site. Sorry to hear that you're in pretty much the same boat I am. It's not a pretty boat, but I guess we're in good company!

Anyway, I just wanted to express sympathy over the cancelled cycle. UGH! BLAH! BOO! And also to give little assvice:

1) Your RE sounds not-very-receptive to working with a 41 year old. Generally they're all not thrilled, but some are more willing to "accentuate the positive" rather than just talk about how you're on the slippery slope to the M. If you can, you may want to shop around for a more "older chick friendly" practice, particularly if you're contemplating IVF. (For example, insisting upon 8-10 follies is just bonkers for women our age! Especially as it seems that you're not responding to stims on that kind of grand scale. And, by the way, not responding to meds like a 21 year old it DOES NOT necessarily mean the M is nigh!)

2) While having a giant follie so early in the cycle tends to get more common with age (for a number of reasons) it's also pretty commonly caused by the P2 delaying the start of the next cycle. And can happen to a 20 year old! Since it delayed you longer than a few days, you may want to find out about lowering the dose next cycle. It sounds like what you're using is a little too much for your system.

3) There are docs who do low stim and no stim IVF (i.e., going to retrieval with 1-3 follies!!!)and have success. It's cheaper too.

4) Have you considered trying acupuncture and Chinese herbs to get your system balanced? Some REs get all negative about this, but many of us older chicks have found it helpful in rebalancing the system (esp after getting wacked out on fertility drugs!) and improving cycles and egg quality. (Despite many REs' insistence on quantity, it's egg QUALITY that counts, right?)

Anyway, I'm writing a novel here. (I hope you don't find it rude or pushy!)If you have any questions or want to compare notes, e-mail me. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your DIY cycle works this time. (If you'll keep your fingers crossed that mine does too!)

Take care!

Egged Out said...

Zee - thank you for your suggestions! I will ask for a lower dose of p2 next time - I'm sure that's the culprit becuase I didn't have this giant early follicle problem the last few cycles.

Also, I appreciate your comment about the doc not being thrilled about working with a 41 year old. I struggle between knowing what I should accept because I am older and truly my fertility is decling and how much I should push (myself, the doctor, and the bank account) to make this happen. I'm new and still learning. Thanks again.