Friday, August 1, 2008


Thanks for your comments on the no embryos to freeze situation. We have the best inside me so I'm hopeful. The doc did give us a 70% chance for success. Much better odds than we've had before.

I don't have any symptoms except for sore breasts. That could be from all of the progesterone I am taking (3 suppositories per day). Though the sore breasts did just start yesterday when I have been taking the progesterone for 11 days now.

I don't think I will test until the day of the blood test (Wednesday). With my IUIs, I always tested at home and always got negatives and then convinced myself it was too early, blah blah blah - you all know what the emotional roller coaster is like. I don't want to put myself through that this time. Of course I say that now so don't hold it against me if I change my mind. A girl has that right. I do have 3 hpts in the house.

Thanks for your kind thoughts and sticky wishes! It means a lot.


DE Mommy said...

Sore boobs this far in on the progesterone is a good sign!!!

Jennifer said...

Sending sticky vibes your way! I'm praying for a positive test and a healthy 9 months for you!!!

~Carrie said...

Sending more sticky thoughts your way! Don't be alarmed if you don't get a ton of symptoms (I didn't) I'm agree with not testing if you can hold out.
Stick, stick, stick!

Mrs. B said...

I think it is a good sign that your sore breasts just started. Mine have been hurting since day 1 of progesterone (which they always do), so I think your's starting so late is a most excellent sign!!

Good luck!