Saturday, July 19, 2008

I was out of town for a few days and wasn't able to update.

I took my last shot of lupron tonight. That was my last shot and it felt good.

I went in on Wednesday am for a scan of my lining. It looked great according to the PA. I don't have to go in again until the embryo transfer. That seems so crazy to me to not have to get scans and blood tests every other day. The transfer is not scheduled until a week from Monday and they don't need to see me until that day. Wow. I guess they know what they are doing.

The donor went in on Wednesday as well for her first u/s and blood test. She was supposed to go in again on Friday. I haven't heard anything since I was gone. I'll call Monday and find out how things are progressing for her. If we stay on schedule, the egg retrieval will be on Wednesday. That's is getting pretty darn close. This is really happening.

I'm still feeling calm - "let's see how this all unfolds" - which a little surprises me. When it is my follicles that are developing, I'm so anxious all the time. This time it is truly out of my hands (and my body). I'm sure I'll feel different once the embryos (please let there be embryos) are made and were waiting for the various reports.

I'm ever thankful for the donor. I know she is being compensated but it we had unlimited resources, we would compensate her even more. It's a huge things she is doing for us. Let's hope it works!


Swim said...

I have my fingers crossed for you and your donor this cycle.

Keep posting on the progress!

Jennifer said...

Cheers to your last day on Lupron. Best of luck as you approach the big ET day! If there are extras, will you freeze your leftover embies?

Egged Out said...

Yes, we hope to have some to freeze in case it doesn't work or if it works, then perhaps we can try for sibling later. It would be great if there were some to freeze.

Summer said...

Knowing things were out of my hands and knowing that I was not relying on my body (which has a bad track record) to do things right, gave me a sort of calm, too. Or at least it made me much less anxious during all the waiting.

I'm sending out good vibes to both you and your donor!