Monday, July 21, 2008

15 Follicles!

I got the call from the RE and everything is going well. The donor was there this morning and she has 15 follicles!! The retrieval will be on Wednesday and DH will go in for his part on Wednesday morning.

This is VERY EXCITING. Though it feels weird to not be a part of it at this point. My body is not overloaded with follicles and I don't feel like I have golf balls in there, etc. I have been taking drugs but my body feels pretty mellow. As does my mind. It's a weird, removed feeling. Though I guess I am removed from the process at this point. I think I will go out to lunch with DH like we did after the IUIs. Celebrate the potential that our child(ren) was (were) created on that day. And I will feel a little more connected to the process.

I start the progesterone tomorrow.

WOW. ET in one week.