Thursday, July 10, 2008

I had my first hot flash - not as fun as you might think

I wasn't expecting hot flashes just yet but I read that one of the side effects of Lupron is hot flashes.

I was doing something at work and all of a sudden, my whole body was overheated and sweating. My legs were dripping with sweat. I asked the person working with me is she was hot and she said no, she was very comfortable. I then realized it was a hot flash. It lasted about 5 minutes.

Everything is going swimmingly here. I am still calm and waiting for it all to unfold. It is amazing that we have this chance.

Last night I talked with my brother who just had his 5th child. yes, five. And he is planning to get a vasectomy to make sure they don't accidently get another child. So not my problem. We've never used birth control in nearly 5 years (except when it was fertility related).

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