Friday, August 3, 2007

Is it called limbo*?

There's cd1 and an ultrasound.
Then, there's shots and shots and blood tests and more ultrasounds.
Then there's the IUI followed by what's called the 2 week wait and suppositories.
Then there's hpts followed by a blood test. (always negative in my case)
Then the order to stop the

Then it is supposed to be cycle day 1 again.

What do I do with this time which is post beta and pre cycle day 1? I took my last on Monday. Now it is Friday. AF hasn't showed yet. I'm in a weird limbo. Happy that I am not sticking needles in my gut but wanting to get the show on the road. Also, last time this happened, it took 10 days for cycle day 1 to arrive and then I had a cyst. I am really hoping the same thing is not happening this time.

The only good part of this late arriving cycle is that I am visiting friends this weekend and I won't have to bring my medication and store it in their fridge, etc. That's one bonus.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Thanks to Vee - I now know that apparently it's called Plimbo (Period Limbo). I really wish I had thought of that myself!


Mrs. B said...

Have a great weekend, see you next week!

Zee said...

There's a blogger who used to call that phase of waiting for your period "Plimbo." And yes indeed, Plimbo really sucks. Sorry you're there right now.

Here's to a swift arrival of AF and the staying-away of any cysts.

Have a great weekend anyway.

CAM said...

Plimbo....Love it. Enjoy your time with your friends and without carrying meds with you!