Friday, August 31, 2007

Good News: Both Ovaries at Full Strength

No cysts!

I saw the doctor this morning, cycle day 2, and it couldn't have gone better. No cysts, plenty of antral follicles, and everything looked good. She was excited about it. I haven't had this good of a start yet. Let's hope this 5th try is a charm!

I started tonight with 300 gona.l f and .10 hcg. I didn't mind the shots - getting to be like an old friend. Weird, but true. This is what I do half of the month: I give myself shots. And it's nice to know that there are lots of people out there, like you kind readers, who also give shots to yourselves and don't find it all that crazy or extreme - it's just part of who we are.

I had to go into the one pharmacy in town that has some fertility meds to get the hcg today (the rest of my stuff came through the mail) and while I was waiting, I noticed that most of the people coming in were getting fertility meds. I heard one woman insisting that she already had needles and then when my turn came to pick up the vial, they were scrambling trying to find the right needles but I insisted, too, that I had plenty of needles at home. Another part of my identity (and may be yours): I am someone who has plenty of needles at home.

I hope everyone is well. Have a great weekend and let's hope for a whole slew of BFPs in September - that would make for some June babies. How lovely that would be.


~C said...

Hi - thank you for your comment, and am very glad that you had such good news for the start of this cycle. And you're right - we are on the same schedule - cd3 today right? I agree, let Sept. be BFP month! I wish you the best.

Another one trying said...

Super news, your cyst had gone, so has mine. I to am back in the game again. Loads of positive vibes for this cycle. It is possible at our age I hope lady luck shines on us.