Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Out of Plimbo and onto the Bench

Cycle day 1 was yesterday. Went to the doc today expecting there to be something weird since it took so long for my cycle to start and last time this happened, things went awry.

I was right. The old cyst is gone but there is a new one. One of those 5 follicles from last time didn't want to go away. Must like my ovary. (Note to hanger on - get out of there sucka!)

So, I am benched for another month. Give my body time to get back on track for another cycle.

This is all getting old.


Chris said...

Oh now that just stinks that you have another cyst! Well, I guess it's time for you to get your dirt out again. Enjoy your cycle off and take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

I hear you girl! I say how old this is getting every cycle..

Try to enjoy your cycle off and enjoy a little break.

Zee said...

UGH! Move over, I'll just sit right here on the bench with you. Cysts suck. As do follicles that decide not to show up at all. Is there an Ovary Obedience Course we can sign our girls up for?

Another one trying said...

Sorry to hear you also have an evil Cyst. But on a postive vibe my timeout was relaxing. Do try to enjoy your time out.