Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nothing, and I mean nothing, to report

I feel like I have temporarily left the infertile world. My period has not started yet (cd 30) and I have to take the next cycle off so there is not much I can do or worry about here. It's a bit freeing, I must say.

I don't know when my period will start - does anyone have any experience with ovarian cysts and delayed periods?? How long did it take your cycle to start?

I didn't realize how much the fertility stuff had taken over my life during the past 6 months. I was always in some part of the cycle that required monitoring or worrying or both. I used to swim every day just so I would be tired enough to sleep through the night. Otherwise, my mind would be racing all night with the possibilities.

Now, I am having no trouble sleeping; I feel less urgency to exercise. I thought I would spend this time getting in shape and taking good care of myself but frankly, I have been eating a lot of crap, not exercising very much, and having a few diet cokes.

This long weekend coming up, we will enjoy a trip to Mexico that I have been looking forward to and wasn't sure we would be able to go until the cycle got canceled. So, this is a nice reprieve. I'll take it and be ready for the next cycle.


K said...

Having no concept of what a 'normal' cycle is, I have no idea what to tell you about what a 'normal' delay might be post-ovarian cyst?? I say, enjoy your damn Diet Cokes for cripe's sake, and try to relax for a brief reprieve...easier said than done, I realize. I'll keep checking back to see what's shakin'!

Chris said...

My cycles remained normal while I waited for the cyst to go away. It wasn't even discovered until my 2nd period after the massive doses of fertility drugs because I needed to sit out a cycle of treatment due to a family crisis. By the time my next cycle finished and the ultrasound was done, it was gone.

In the meantime, do enjoy your Mexico trip and have a margarita for me as a nod to my 40th b-day on Friday!

Amy said...

I hope you have a really nice and relaxing time in Mexico. Nothing beats fish tacos and margaritas by the beach. :)

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