Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cycle day What?

I didn't think they made cycles this long. Well, not in my past anyway. It is officially cycle day 38 with no sign of you know who. I don't know what to make of this and frankly I'm getting a bit concerned. What if the cyst is growing incredible large or morphing into something else?

Tomorrow, I am calling the doctor to see if they think I should come in. I think I would feel better with a little self-imposed wanding, just to know what is going on. I'm sure it is all fine and normal but actually, I don't know that it is all fine and normal. My period is 10 days late and I'm not pregnant. They said it might be late but no one said just how late.

Mh and I had a talk last night that when my cycle gets back on track and we are ready to try again, maybe I should go back to Clomid. On Clomid, I came up with 2 follicles. I still had regular length cycles and I had two cycles back to back. OK, both failed, but there was two chances in two months. With the injectables, assuming my cycle starts again soon, I will only have had one cycle in 3 months. We're losing time here. I know injectables are supposed to be better but I barely came up with 3 follicles last time and then my period was really late and then I got a cyst and now here we are.

All messed up and no where to go.

I don't feel good about complaining about this because I know there are folks out there who have had bad news lately and this is a minor problem. Like everyone, I just want to get to the part where all these stuff is worked out and I have a child to love - whether it is mine, a donor egg, or adopted. I just want to be at that point and these delays make it seem farther and farther away. I started this in December and I figured by now I would have either had success or know that it won't work out and have moved on to something else. 3 tries isn't enough.

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