Monday, June 11, 2007

Magic Dirt

It's weird to tell this story but here it goes. I had/have a cyst. It was really bugging me. I could feel it. My cycle was really late. I was starting to worry that the cyst was growing bigger and bigger and that my period would never start. I feared the cyst was turning into a tumor. The whole situation was starting to grate on me.

Rewind back a year. My sister in law gave me some dirt in a little platic container that came from some sacred place in Guatemala. Her friend gave it to her when she was having trouble getting pregnant and told her to rub it on her stomach. Yes, shortly after, she got pregnant. So she passed it on to me.

For some reason, I could never bring myself to use it during all this fertility stuff. I know, I'll give myself shots but won't rub a little dirt on my gut?

When I had reached my limit of patience on the cyst, I finally turned to the dirt. This would have been on cycle day 40 and the cyst was discovered on cycle day 18. So I had been worrying about that cyst for 22 days. I rubbed the dirt on my stomach and said, "cyst, please go away." From that day on, I didn't feel the cyst again. I knew it was going away. And then 6 days letter, my period started.


Chris said...

OK, so now you are going to start rubbing it on your belly and saying "baby", right?!?!?! And then you will share your magic dirt with me . . . right?

Egged Out said...

Yes of course! This month I'll rub it on my belly and then when I am pregnant next month, I'll send it to you and then when you are pregnant you can pass it along to the next person... kind of like a chain letter.

Mrs. B said...

Hey girl, send me some dirt!!! Seriously though, did your sister say where in Guatemala she got it from? I only ask b/c a very dear friend f mine is adopting a baby from there and she goes there on occasions to visit him. Maybe she could get some!!

Anyway, glad the cyst appears to be gone. Now you can get started... again!