Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The first chunk of the adoption papers have been sent in

Wow. It took more gumption to fill out those forms that I would have anticipated. But they are in and with this, we have signaled to the social worker our intent to keep moving forward in this process. She was probably wondering what happened to us.

I called the RE and told her (well, I told the receptionist to please tell her since she wasn't there) that we would turn down this opportunity for the triple split donor situation for both emotional and financial reasons. Surprisingly, I am OK with it. I would like to have another try at a donor egg but right now, $12,000 is seeming like a whole heck of a lot of money to "try" again. It if didn't work, the pain (financial and otherwise) would be too much to bare. Right now, it is safer to say no.

Later, if we are feeling stronger emotionally and more solvent financially, we may give a situation like that a try. But not now. We can't take it.

I don't know what I feel any more. Exasperated and exhausted, I guess. Better than heartbroken and depressed...


Rebeccah said...

I found that the hardest part with the adoption process was getting that first batch of paperwork in. It meant admitting to myself that biobabies were unlikely for us, and that was insanely painful. After that, the process just flowed, and with each step, I felt a bit better. Good luck to you!

bluemoon said...

thanks for sharing. i have my own stack of paperwork that i have not completed. you inspire me. after my own failed cycle, some days are better than others. this weekend i haven't been able to shake the blues, crying a lot, feeling cheated... your moving ahead encourages me to dust off these overwhelming feelings of sadness.

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Me said...

That's a lot of hard progress you've made. I hope you feel good about yourself for making those hard decisions. :)

Wordgirl said...

Honestly, it took me forever to send in any paperwork related to our next step.

I have to believe in the season of spring and renewal, starting again, moving forward...

Love and thoughts to you,


Anonymous said...

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